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Karmic Cleansing and Healing expert in Noida

Karmic Cleansing and Healing - Manasi Chugh

Karma means action. Everything that happens or manifests in our lives and in the Universe is a result of an action. We do have to revise our actions and habits to reach our goals and proceed on our spiritual path. Karmic cleansing affects not only us but everyone around ourselves, as our actions will be done for the best of all at the end. Karma healing is one of the most important part of Holistic healing as it directly affects what we do with our lives.

Karmic Healing is directly related to concepts such as Free Will, Justice, Time, Life Goal, Cause & Effect, Resolution and Truth. Karmic Healing is mostly centered at the Causal Body-Plane. But the Karmic Imprints inside the Causal body holographically projects or resonates to other bodies such as the Astral and the Mental Body. Psychosomatic disorders, tiques and pains also may relate to Karma. Thus certain Karma can cause certain diseases, thorough spiritual-psychological to physical correlation and synchronicity.

We come into this life with karma, things our soul wants to work on in this lifetime and, quite often, we clear the karmic debt but the energy of it stays around. Clearing the energy of this karmic debt and cancelling any debts than can be cancelled (some will still need to play out) will, again, help with making this lifetime a lot more drama free!

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